SPG Config Editor

SPG Config Editor 1.0

This application helps when modding the World of Tanks game
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This application has been created for those interested in modding the World of Tanks game.
This program provides an easy-to-use way to set which SPG you are using within a config file that the mod can read from. The beauty of this app is that you can load it up before you start your tanks session and use it while in the garage, you don't have to exit the game to do this. So if you plan on running more than 1 arty just switch to the arty you want to use in the app before you enter your next battle, the app will remember your last choice for the next time you play tanks (handy if you only use 1 arty, you don't need to run the application if you are running the same arty from your previous session).

The program is pretty straight forward to use, just make sure you install the mod before you run it otherwise it will tell you to do so. The program is designed so it doesn't need to be updated if a patch comes out, it will only need to be updated where new arty exist (ie. when the French line comes out).

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